gotf-viaweb-logoGiants Of The Forest is presented (with love), by Amazing Factory Productions Inc and Vancouver Is

Amazing Factory is a small crew of people who love film, love music, and love the art of what we do. We consider ourselves to be new artists, and like musicians, understand that while some might not always have the money to hire the people they want to work with, we still want to collaborate in some way. So we created an outlet to allow ourselves to create these videos with artists that we love and are inspired by.

We created a video with We Are The City last summer for their song “Morning Song” and we were hooked at the idea of recording the music live as we filmed it. This of course was after our good friend and brother Sven Peterson (who did an unreal job recording Morning Song live) showed us La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows. We’ve since been watching the amazing videos captured by Southern Souls, and Shot At The Dark.

By chance, we ran into Bob K from one night at the Biltmore, and asked him if he wanted to present these videos with us on his site, and he was stoked, and so were we.

Some of the artists you see on Giants of The Forest, you will already know, and some, well we think you should know them. With each video, we’re setting out to capture true art in a natural light. Without gimmicks and smoke and mirrors, we are providing a cinematic and organic live video, that makes you feel like you were there sharing the moment with us. We’re serious about quality, so we’re always looking for ways to improve recording, and we will always be uploading these videos in true HD for full screen viewing awesomeness.

We have the tools, and we have the opportunity to work with artists that we love, who already give so much of themselves. Its a chance to expose more people to beautiful music, create, educate, and inspire people. The big picture: we’re doing it because we love it; that’s the forest through the trees.

Please enjoy these Giants, and support them and their amazing music.

With love,
Amazing Factory